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Yak Snuggler & Book Gift Set


Promotes: Self-acceptance

Trying new things can be scary, and mistakes are never fun to make. Yak encourages children to take risks and know that it’s okay to not be perfect the first time they try something new.

  • Reducing perfectionism
  • Failing forward
  • Finding perseverance

Yak teaches children that it’s okay to take risks and helps them to understand that it's okay to not be perfect at something the first time they try it.

With the Yak board book and affirmation, this creature supports foundational routines that will instill in them the freedom to love themselves and the courage to keep trying, even when things are difficult.

What's Included:

  • The Snuggler - A reassuring lovey for 0-3-year-old children with soft fur that’s perfect for snuggles
  • The Board Book - an introduction to your Kin Character
  • The Affirmation Card - A daily affirmation for your child to practice and carry with them wherever they go
  • Downloadable Resources - Free resources like coloring and activity sheets, and games that you can download at any time