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we seek out mindful & engaging items for modern munchkins and their families


We're here to be more than your average kids' shop. While we'll be stocked with items for mealtime, room decor, learn+play, books, paper goodies, and wellness products, we'll also feature community activities, an interactive store, and subscription boxes to keep your active littles proactively engaged.

Kind to Humankind

The Modern Munchkin Co. brings unique finds for kids of the modern family, with careful consideration to the future our munchkins will inherit. We feature brands that do their part to erase carbon footprints, not footprints in the sand. We'll bring you eco-friendly, sustainable, fair trade, and other earth-conscious products that meet our high standards of quality.

Our Values

Keep it Green

No greenwashing here! We're on a mission to add green back to our planet! We partner with brands that share our commitment to sustainability, like using sustainable materials, manufacturing processes, and packaging. Let's give your kids and Mother Earth the best we can!

Be Kind

Being kind to each other, to our planet, and - most important - to ourselves is something we could all do a little more. We support this effort through our products and business operations, shop events, and community activities. Share more about how your family is #kindtohumankind 

Embrace Uniqueness

Just like Dr. Seuss, we love YOU! We embrace each of our uniquenesses in who we are, what we like, and how we learn. We'll help you find that perfect item or activity to support your unique littles, who are just figuring out this most important life lesson. 

Play Hard, Feel Good

Play is essential for kids' development and fundamental to learning life's most important lessons. Keeping things fun and playful can lead to empowered, confident minds, which kicks off a loop of feeling good, playing hard, and learning more. While our products encourage play, our shop is interactive, and we host regular community events to inspire families to play hard and feel good!

Our Story

I love good design and a good product. It started with fashion, then home decor, and now, just generally good design draws me in. But becoming a mom has especially drawn me to good kids’ products that don’t skimp on form or function. And I know I’m not alone. But I wasn’t having luck finding the things I craved in my hometown. So I set out to find them and bring them home.

From a family of entrepreneurs, I knew I’d start my own business one day. Though, I never thought it would be focused on kiddos. But my mommas out there know, having munchkins of your own changes you in many ways. And so I hope my little shop brings you and your loved ones some pretty little things in this large and chaotic world.

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