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Social Skills Activity Deck for Kids



Social Skills Activity Deck for Kids is a fun, interactive tool to help kids build confidence in skills like making new friends, sharing, listening, and teamwork.

Sharing, listening to others, making friends, and understanding one another. It’s a lot to think about—especially if you’re a kid! Don’t worry, Social Skills Activity Deck for Kids is here to help! With 30 super-fun activities, kids can practice different social skills in a super cool way. Before they know it, they’ll be making more friends, sharing their feelings, and solving problems.

Get ready to have a great time together with activities like Dance Party, Take-Turns Tornado, Buddy Maze, Chit-Chat Hat, and even your own Comedy Duo!

Deck Includes: 30 illustrated activity cards, 6-page introductory booklet

Brad Petersen started his path in education as a teacher in Houston, TX. He then went on to co-found, design, and build an innovative elementary school in Idaho, Future Public School. After leading Brighter Fun, a children’s universal design group, he now writes full-time. Brad loves riding bikes, reading books, and swimming. He lives in Michigan with his wife, two children, dog, and cat.

Betsy Petersen is an artist, illustrator, and entrepreneur. She’s spent the past decade building an art business and collaborating with creative organizations to create fun and playful designs for a wide variety of products. Her most recent book, I Am Quiet, was the Goodreads winner for Best Middle Grade and Children’s Book 2022. Betsy loves running, reading books, and playing outside. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two children, dog, and cat.