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wooden toys spark creativity and imagination for your littles

Here's why you should choose wooden toys for your littles.

Here's why you should choose wooden toys for your littles.

Wooden toys are not only durable but also safer for your littles compared to plastic toys. They are usually made from natural materials and do not contain harmful chemicals. Wooden toys can help children develop their creativity and imagination as they encourage hands-on and open-ended play. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and help reduce plastic waste.

Top reasons to choose wooden toys for children

  • Durable and sustainable.
  • Made from natural materials.
  • Develop creativity and imagination.
  • Timeless. They can be passed down through generations.

But are they safe?

In short, absolutely! But always check that the wooden materials you're about to buy are made from non-toxic materials and have smooth edges so they are gentle on little hands. Check for any small parts that could be a choking hazard, and make sure the toys are sturdy and well-constructed to avoid splinters or breakage. Look for toys that are certified to meet safety and environmental standards, such as FSC for responsibly sourced forests, and ASTM F963 for toy safety requirements. And as always, supervision is important, especially those younger than 3 years old when choking is a more prevalent concern.

What are some typical materials?

Wooden toys are often made with durable materials like birch, maple, or beech wood. Craftsmen carefully shape and polish each toy by hand, creating smooth surfaces that are safe for children to play with. The natural wood texture adds a unique charm to each toy, making them aesthetic and timeless. And did you know? Wood materials are naturally antibacterial too - an added bonus, especially for teething babes.

Let's talk development with wooden toys.

Wooden toys are great for a child's development as they encourage imaginative play and creativity. These toys help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through activities like stacking blocks or fitting shapes together. Unlike electronic toys, wooden toys promote a calm and focused play environment, reducing overstimulation. They are also durable and environmentally friendly, providing a safer option for children to play with.

How to choose the right toys for my tot?

When choosing wooden toys for your child, consider the following tips:

  1. Safety: Ensure the toy is free from splinters, sharp edges, and small parts that could be a choking hazard. Check for certifications mentioned above.
  2. Materials: Opt for toys made from natural, non-toxic wood to avoid potential health risks.
  3. Age Appropriateness: Select toys that are suitable for your child's age and developmental stage.
  4. Educational Value: Look for toys that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and skill development.
  5. Versatility: Choose toys that can be used in multiple ways to keep your child engaged.

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Why "wood" you choose anything else?

Ha! Sorry not sorry, but we love a good wooden toy. They've been captivating children for generations with their simple charm and durability. Wooden toys are a timeless, proven way to jumpstart creativity and imagination in young minds. Unlike plastic toys, wooden toys are eco-friendly, free from harmful chemicals, and often passed down through families as cherished heirlooms. The classic feel of wooden toys adds a touch of nostalgia to playtime, providing a break from the fast-paced digital world. Plus, have you seen a wooden toy that isn't more aesthetic than it's plastic dupe? Name one, I'll wait.


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