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Musical Tin Tea Set - Nature

by Vilac

Vilac designed this soft and poetic metal musical dinette, for children aged 3 and over. A magical teapot plays the “Happy birthday” theme when you tilt it to serve tea like the grown-ups.

The format of this dinette is perfect for young and old. The accessories are robust and lightweight with a neat finish.

The 14 accessories are illustrated by Sarah Betz - Cubeely with soft colors evoking the city of Paris.

A fun toy that will help children develop their fine motor skills, their imagination and their socialization.

This toy does not require batteries, the music is played by a mechanical music box which winds up with a key attached under the teapot.

Strong points:

  • Imitation toy. Allows you to relive real situations around the meal. Allows you to understand everyday gestures.
  • Development of the child's imagination and creativity. He makes up stories.
  • Strong and durable metal toy.
  • Mechanical toy without batteries.
  • Development of fine motor skills: place, pour, arrange, stack, transport, turn the musical mechanism.